Who sings on ‘DR Dance Project’s single “Can You Whine” ??

Prince Ama born in Trenchtown Ivory Coast is a man of the world, he was educated in music at the Norwegian school of Theater, Music and Dance known as EDEC. At a young age he became fluent in the arts of performance and began winning local competitions. Adding a remarkable twist to his musical experience with the National Musical Ballet of the Ivory Coast. He performed in France, Japan, Belgium, London, Norway, Germany, and Canada before arriving in the United States of America, where he toured the East and West coasts and opened for acts such as Sean Paul, Jaheim and Jimmy Buffet, just to mention a few.
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Prince Ama; met Skip Martin for the first time when Prince Ama was performing at the Freaking Frog in Las Vegas. After the show Skip told Prince Ama that he had a project in mind for him. So they went into the and Skip presented the idea for ‘Doctor Dance’ to be about awareness for childhood obiesity and diabities. Prince loved the idea and after a short studio session they pulled together the song “Can You Whine” and recorded the video for the song. When talking about the veteran Grammy winning artist Prince stated “Skip Martin is a very good people so we just start talking and the rest is history – scene”
Antoine Lovon from Palmaraise Magazine once said “With his provocative dancehall music and unique blend of Afro-Reggae, Prince Ama brings his original flavor of music like never heard before. With his high energy and non-stop dancing, Prince Ama gets the crowd fired up and them takes the stage to deliver his greatest hits. It’s a performance like never seen before.”

Galaxxy Quuen; a singer born and raised in Las Vegas but lived in London, and L.A. Tells us she met Skip Martin thru a friend and they worked on a couple of previous projects. One day Skip was in the studio and asked GQ to come by and listen to the “can you whine” track. So she came through and listened to the track and pretty much free-styled her verse. The funniest part is Skip would ask ”what was that line you just said?” and GQ replied “I don’t know im free styling.”
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Galaxxy Quuen is currently working on several projects. “I’m a songwriter and singer so I enjoy writing for other mainstream artists and also tv shows. I have songs placed on shows dating back to The L Word on Showtime, Burn Notice on USA and now Kevin Harts Real Husbands of Hollywood. Ive also got the chance to work with Paul Mitchell and provide songs for their show The Gathering and charitable shows.”
Not only is Galaxxy Quuen featured on the “Dr Dance Project” but she is currently working in TV and artist development. And has an EP coming out called ‘Pop Ratchet’ with a team called ‘The Eurotrash Collective’.

Check out the music video for “Can you whine” on YouTube

About 208,000 Americans under age 20 are estimated to have diagnosed diabetes, approximately 0.25% of the population and a staggering number, more than one-third of U.S. adults (34.9%) are obese! With obesity being the lead cause of death in the US, (as it’s tied to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more) something must be done to raise awareness and fight against these numbers bringing Americans back to a healthier, fit lifestyle. This transition doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, “SKIP MARTIN presents DR. DANCE, The Dr. Dance Project” a musical crusade features SKIP MARTIN, Grammy Award Winner and former lead singer of Kool & the Gang, the lead singer of the Dazz Band and Dr. Bruce Topper, a practicing radiologist who have all teamed up to create an alter ego, “Dr. Dance” that produces danceable music, to bring awareness to obesity and childhood diabetes through dancing.

The first single, “Can You Whine”, is an upbeat and fun reggae style song available now! The full CD entitled “SKIP MARTIN presents DR. DANCE, The Dr. Dance Project”, will be released in late September 2014.
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